MDI Inc. General Contractors
 began business in June 1964 as MeDallic Incorporated.

In 1972, the purchase of MeDallic Inc. by Robert “Bob” Skelton, Jr. was complete and on November 8, 1973, the company name was officially amended to MDI Inc. General Contractors. 

Frank Pieschel, Bob’s son-in-law, began working for MDI in 1967. After working in all positions of the construction industry, Frank served as President from 1994 to 2008 and is currently Vice President of Business Development. 

Having spent High School summers as a laborer, Bob’s son, Tracy, began working for MDI fulltime in 1976 after graduation. Tracy passed away in July 2012 while serving as Safety Director and company Vice President of Field Operations. 

Robin Skelton-Hubbard, Bob’s daughter, began working in the office as a receptionist in 1981 and is currently the company Secretary/Treasurer and Accounting Department Manager. 

Randall “Randy” Hubbard, Robin’s husband, came to work for MDI in 1982 while attending college and since 2008, has been the company President.

Knowing his company was in good hands, Bob gradually retired around 1997.

Still family owned and operated, MDI continues to provide quality construction services to all of its clients.

Having great employees is what makes MDI who we are. Our employees average over 22 years of construction experience and an average of 12 years with MDI. Dedicated to providing professional service to all of our clients, MDI employees work together to see that all projects are completed on time and within budget. To ensure this, the MDI Team is in constant communication between estimating, accounting, project management and field personnel. 

MDI currently works throughout Texas and is also a licensed contractor in the state of Louisiana. 

We have successfully completed many projects ranging from interior renovations to new low rise construction. Our interior renovation experience includes everything from restaurant and hotel renovation to demolition and restoration of historic schools.


MDI Inc. has been accepted into several partnerships and earned many certifications. 

OSHA Partnership
— MDI Inc. is currently one of only a few contractors in the North Texas area that qualifies for this prestigious achievement.

EPA TCEQ Partnership — As of March 29, 2010, MDI was one of only seven contractors in the United States accepted  into this pilot program. This is acooperative storm water pollution prevention plan partnership of EPA,TCEQ, TEXO and selected contractors. The focus of this partnership is SWPPP related.

Green Advantage Builder —
Several of our team members hold certifications by U.S. Green Building Council and are knowledgeable with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

Lead Certified — Many MDI team members have successfully completed an EPA approved training course and are approved by the EPA as certified lead safe renovators. 

Safety Training and Evaluation Process — 
Earned the Platinum Level STEP Award for our continued efforts in developing and maintaining a quality Safety Program  for 2010. 

Our commitment to safety through all the above partnerships and certifications along with our safety and drug policies have allowed MDI to keep our Experience Modifier Rate below the industry average of 1.00%.